• Victoria Beckham shares adorable photo of David helping Harper design clothes for her dolls

    Victoria Beckham has shared the cutest photo of husband David giving daughter Harper a hand with her toys. Although Victoria is the clothes designer of the family, it looks like it was David's turn to try his hand at fashion as he helped his four-year-old make clothes for her dolls. Dressed casually in sweatpants and a baggy top, David looked like he had been working on the little pink and blue doll outfit for a while as he sat on the living room floor, engrossed in his work. He also held the design instructions for the doll's hair in his

  • Renee Zellweger responds to comments over her change of appearance

    Renee Zellweger shrugged off the comments about her change of appearance, claiming that she doesn't pay any attention to it during an interview with NBC's Today. The actress also chatted about the arrival of the long awaited third instalment of the Bridget Jones series, Bridget Jones's Baby. When asked by host Sheinelle Jones if the comments about her change of appearance bother her, Renee said: "It's not really part of my life. It's part of the job that I don't really experience except when I step into this arena. "In my home I'm not aware of it," she continued. "I

  • Elton John celebrates 69th birthday with his 'beautiful sons'

    Elton John enjoyed a peaceful birthday by taking his sons on an Easter egg hunt with his husband, David Furnish. While Elton shared a snap of Zachary, age six, and Elijah, age three on Instagram, David posted a loving message wishing Elton a Happy Birthday. The 69-year-old singer posted the photo of his sons dressed adorably in matching welly boots, hoodies and straw hats while collecting Easter eggs with the caption: "our beautiful boys on their Easter Egg hunt. @davidfurnish #ShareTheLove." David shared a similar snap of Zachary and Elijah chasing through the forest with the caption: "Good Friday Easter Egg

  • Meet Zayn Malik's insanely popular Instagram doppelganger

    Zayn Malik's doppelganger has sent Instagram into a meltdown due to his uncanny resemblance to the former One Direction band member. The lookalike, Shyjan Ranje, has already gained over 15,000 Instagram followers who are shocked by the amazing similarities between the two. Talk about seeing double! Despite living in LA, the junior editor and stylist at DaMan magazine and Vulkan magazine looks like he could be related to Bradford-born Zayn Malik, both sporting short dark hair and stubble. In some photos, the Instagram star even bleaches his hair blonde to match the 23-year-old singer. CLICK TO VIEW GALLERY The pair share similar

  • Find out why Robert De Niro pushed for anti-vaccination documentary to be screened at the Tribeca Film Festival

    Robert De Niro has recently caused a stir by including an anti-vaccination documentary in the Tribeca Film Festival. The 72-year-old actor defended his decision despite surrounding controversy, claiming that he felt a personal connection to the subject matter, and that it is an issue that deserves discussion. Claiming that the issue is "very personal" to his family, Robert explained why he made the decision to have the documentary Vaxxed: From Cover Up to Catastrophe added to the festival. The documentary, which was created by anti-vaccine leader Andrew Wakefield, explores the possible link between vaccines and autism, and it's inclusion at the