• Chris Evans' son makes a grab for gold – and doesn't he look like dad?

    The last time celebrity baby watchers saw him, he was just a tiny tot in arms. But look at Chris Evans' little son Noah now.    There was no mistaking the resemblance between father and son, who has shed the lick of dark hair he was born with – and now sports a fine strawberry blond covering. All eyes were on the eight-month-old who was making his first public appearance since his February birth at an exhibition golf match in Wales. But pars and birdies looked far from his mind as he joined dad and mum, professional golfer Natasha Shishmanian on the green. The cute tot was

  • Looks like Matthew McConaughey's little son is very much a mummy's boy

    No doubt the day will come when Matthew McConaughey's son Levi will want to follow his dad out into the surf to catch some waves. But for now at least, the cute little one-year-old is more than happy to hang with mum. It was clear who is the centre of the cute tot's world as he planted kisses on Matthew's model love Camila Alves during a mother-son fishing trip to Malibu Creek. But he'll soon have to share his Brazilian mum's attentions. She's expecting her second child, due in the early part of next year. While she's been showing off her

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