• Britney blown away by 'Glee' tribute episode

    The Britney episode of Glee finally aired. And the lady herself was thrilled with the results. Click on photo for gallery Indeed, actress Heather Morris' sultry re-enactment of her most famous songs were positively scene-stealing. Click on photo for gallery The episode, which was shown on US TV, followed the Glee clubbers attempts to stage a homage to the iconic singer. Emma’s new love interest, Carl (John Stamos) - a dentist who's rather free with the anaesthesia - caused Brittany and her fellow performers to have Britney hallucinations. Ironically on the show, Heather's character Brittany S. Pears, opposes the tribute

  • Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas: A lasting love

    Theirs is a Hollywood marriage that's stood the test of time, and all the challenges life has brought Click on photos for