• Kimberley Walsh talks music and marriage with Jonathan Ross

    Looking as glamorous as ever, Girls Aloud star Kimberley Walsh talked music and marriage to chat show host Jonathan Ross on the latest installment of his ITV series. During her interview the Bradford-born singer was quizzed on her latest single as well as her love life and that of bandmate Cheryl Cole. Thirty-one-year-old Kimberley opened up about her relationship with long-term boyfriend Justin Scott, formerly a member of boyband Triple 8, but revealed the two have been too busy to think about marriage when she said "It's just something that we've not really got round to doing."     But Kimberley was not off the hook

  • Old Romantic Gary Barlow lets fan propose live on stage

    Gary Barlow may be the man of many women's dreams, but not for Caroline Davy who got engaged during his concert last week. This was no private proposal, however, the young lady was shocked and surprised to her boyfriend Paul Cody take to the stage alongside superstar Gary. Paul, who had been allowed to interrupt the gig by the singer himself, then proceeded to ask Caroline to join him in front of Hammersmith Apollo's 5,000 strong audience. And after a hug from the Take That star, that would normally be enough to make any fan's night, Caroline watched Paul get down on

  • Katie Holmes shows off her luscious locks in new haircare campaign

    Showing off her silky brunette locks for Alterna Haircare's latest campaign Katie Holmes looks every inch the glamorous Hollywood star. In two new images from the company's upcoming promotion, Katie proves to be the perfect example of sleek and sumptuous hairstyling. Wearing neutral outfits and simple makeup the actress' natural crowning glory steals the show in the photographs that are part of a bid to boost the company billed as haircare's "best kept secret" by its CEO Joan Malloy.   © Alterna Haircare "But that is about to change" Joan added in a staetment. "We're confident that adding Katie's natural beauty, gorgeous hair and creative instincts