• Bill Turnbull diagnosed with incurable prostate cancer

    Bill Turnbull has been diagnosed with prostate cancer. The 62-year-old former BBC Breakfast host said he broke down in tears when he was diagnosed in November, and confirmed he will not be cured of the disease, which has spread to his bone in the legs, hips, pelvis and ribs. Bill told the Radio Times that he wanted to encourage people to get tested, saying: "Maybe if I'd got it earlier and stopped it at the prostate, I'd be in a much better state." He said he had put long-term aches and pains down to "old age", and said he

  • Jeff Brazier reveals personality trait that stopped Jade Goody seeking medical help

    Jeff Brazier has spoken about the untimely death of his former partner Jade Goody, who was just 27 when she passed away from cervical cancer in 2009. Jeff, who has single-handedly raised the couple's two sons, Bobby and Freddie, since her death, told the Express that Jade had had abnormal smear test results in her teens, but put off going back to the doctor. "We were no longer together when she got ill so I don't know whether it was forgetfulness or fear that prevented her from getting help sooner," Jeff said, via the Mirror. "Jade was this amazing, larger-than-life

  • Piers Morgan talks 'awful' scare with prostate cancer 

    Piers Morgan has opened up about his own cancer scare following the news that Bill Turnbull has been diagnosed with incurable prostate cancer. Speaking about his own experience on Good Morning Britain, Piers said: "Fortunately for me it was alright, but my levels were high raised and it's a simple thing but if you leave it, and Bill gave a great interview, really honest and positive, and he said he'd left it a few years really, having some symptoms and not really dealing with it." The presenter continued: "It really struck me when I had that little scare –

  • Emma Watson confirms whether her 'Time's Up' tattoo is real 

    Emma Watson turned heads at the Oscars with a new 'Time's Up' tattoo on her arm, causing many fans of the star to question whether it was actually real. The 27-year-old has since confirmed that the inking is fake, and joked about the temporary tattoo's grammatical error. The tattoo aimed to shed light onto the 'Time's Up' movement regarding sexual harassment in Hollywood, but viewers were quick to point out that an apostrophe was missing from 'Time's', making it grammatically incorrect. One fan took to Twitter to joke: "Well however bad your day's been... you could always be Emma

  • Corrie's Rob Mallard reveals secret battle with neurological disease

    Rob Mallard has revealed he is suffering from a progressive neurological disease. The 25-year-old Coronation Street actor appeared on This Morning this week to speak about his condition, and said he felt compelled to do so after fans noticed his shaking during his appearance on the ITV show back in January. Rob, who plays Daniel Osbourne in Corrie, told hosts Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield that he has suffered from the Parkinson's-like disease, which causes tremors in his hands and neck, since he was 14. "My solution has been to hide and manage," he said. "Because of the job

  • Zoe Ball completes first leg of Sports Relief challenge in memory of late boyfriend Billy Yates

    Well done to Zoe Ball! The 47-year-old has completed the first leg of her Sports Relief bike ride in memory of her late boyfriend Billy Yates in a bid to raise mental health awareness. The presenter, who is planning to ride 300 miles to Brighton in five days, rode almost 72 miles from Blackpool to Halton Stadium in Widnes on Monday afternoon. Taking to her Twitter page, Zoe thanked her followers for their support, saying: "Thank you gorgeous peeps who came to wave & cheer us on today & the Toots from the car horns. Really helps fire us

  • Alicia Vikander always smiling after marriage to Michael Fassbender

    Alicia Vikander has spoken about her marriage to Michael Fassbender, admitting that she carries a smile "most of the time". Although the Lara Croft star is usually notoriously private about her relationship with Michael, when Kate Garraway asked her about her relationship with the X-Men actor during an interview on Lorraine, Alicia said: "Well, I've had the most happy year... It's a lovely thing to choose to be private, even though you've got this career."Alicia and Michael tied the knot in 2017 after meeting on the set of The Light Between Oceans in 2014. Alicia opened up about her marriage

  • Global Gift Founder Maria Bravo makes emotional visit to GOSH

    Global Gift Founder Maria Bravo made an emotional visit to Great Ormond Street Hospital last week to unveil two rooms supported by the work of the Foundation, one in the name of Tamara Ecclestone Rutland, and the other in the name of the Global Gift Foundation. "London is one of the most philanthropic cities I have visited and the generosity of our guests makes a difference every year to so many people in need," Maria told HELLO! at the Global Gift Gala at London's Corinthia hotel before Christmas which helped raise money for a number of good causes including

  • Dawn French opens up about the huge impact of her dad's death

    Dawn French has given a very candid account into her life. The Vicar Of Dibley star, 60, has opened up about the death of her father and how his passing affected her life, admitting she didn't expect to see 60. "Until quite recently, I think I've always thought that I wouldn’t make old bones," she confessed on Fearne Cotton's Happy Place podcast. "Being 19 and losing your dad made me think 'oh God maybe we don't live very long'." Dawn French has revealed that she did not expect to live a long life Dawn was left heartbroken when her dad Denys

  • Kim Kardashian's surrogate makes appearance on Keeping Up with the Kardashians 

    Although Kim Kardashian initially wanted to keep the identity of her surrogate for baby Chicago private, the women - known only as Lorena - appeared on Keeping Up with the Kardashians on Monday to discuss surrogacy. Although her back was to the camera at all times, Lorena revealed that she was the mother of two children, and opened up about why she decided to become a surrogate, telling the family that pregnancies feel 'natural' for her and are what she is 'supposed to do'. Kim invited her surrogate onto the show She said: "I know from the very beginning this is

  • Mel C clarifies whether the Spice Girls are performing at royal wedding

    Excitement swirled last week when Mel B appeared to confirm that the Spice Girls are performing at Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's upcoming royal wedding. However, Mel's bandmate Mel C has since shut down the rumours, claiming that Scary Spice was only 'joking'. Speaking exclusively to us at the Prince's Trust Awards, of which HELLO! is a media partner, Sporty Spice said: "I think that might be a little bit of a joke that got a little out of hand! There are no plans for that unfortunately." Mel, 44, clarified: "We're back together in the sense that we're back with

  • Kate Garraway reveals brilliant advice she would give her younger self

    Kate Garraway has shared a brilliant piece of advice she would give to her younger self. The Good Morning Britain host, who turns 51 in May, said she would "worry less", joking that "split ends aren't the end of the world". Speaking exclusively to us at the Prince's Trust Awards on Tuesday, of which HELLO! was a media partner, Kate said: "It's funny because you think you'd say to your younger self, why were you worrying about things that actually, as you get older, you realise aren't important?" "Not thinking that split ends were the end of the world, because