• ALL the times Victoria Beckham smiled at the royal wedding

    You might think that Victoria Beckham is a sourpuss but you are WRONG. The former-Spice Girl-turned-fashion-designer received a lot of flack on Twitter after she attended the royal wedding sans smile, with people accusing her of looking miserable on the happiest day of the year. We all know VB isn’t a fan of showing off her gnashers with a big grin, but that doesn’t mean she wasn’t beaming with joy on the inside. And guess what - we’ve found plenty of photos of her smiling once she got inside St George’s Chapel. So, people of the internet who accused

  • The Suits cast weren’t invited to the royal wedding reception, so they did THIS instead

    Although Meghan Markle's former Suits co-stars had an amazing time at the ceremony and luncheon hosted by the Queen,the evening reception was exclusively for Prince Harry and Meghan's closest friends and family, meaning that the cast of the popular legal drama had to find an alternative method of entertainment - karaoke! Jessica Mulroney's makeup artist, Rachel Renna, shared several snaps of Jessica's evening look before staying behind in the hotel, and later filmed members of the cast performing some impromptu tunes! The cast spent time together in London Laughing from her seat across the room, Rachel filmed two members of the