• Ms Marmite Lover's Cream Heart with alcoholic forest berries

    Dish type: Dessert Serves 6 Ingredients 150g Mascarpone 100g Double cream 50g Icing sugar A few drops ofVanilla essence 500g frozen Forest berries 70g Sugar A glug of Creme de cassis Juice of Half a Lemon Equipment cheese cloth Method 1. Mix all the cream heart ingredients (mascarpone, cream, vanilla, icing sugar) together by whipping gently (not overmuch as mascarpone easily turns to butter). 2. Dampen the cheese cloth and line your dish with it, pressing the cloth into the corners of the heart. 3. Scoop the mixture into the cheese cloth lined dish and smooth the top. Give the mould a little bang on the worktop. Place on a saucer in the fridge to

  • Our Valentine's date with Ms Marmite Lover

    Queen of the pop-up restaurant in the UK, Kerstin Rodgers – aka 'MsMarmiteLover' for you Twitter fans – launched the first underground restaurant in London with her eponymous supper club. And since then, when she hosted and served dinner in her own home in 2009, hundreds of in-house resturants have popped up in London and around the UK cooking up culinary delights for their guests. But they're not alone, having Kerstin's book Supper Club: recipes and notes from The Underground Restaurant along with her blog, The English Can Cook, for a helping hand. Full of witty anecdotes in addition to an artful and intelligent exploration of discoveries from all over the world, the photos of MsMarmite's

  • Celebrate Valentine's Day with Champagne

    The clink of two champagne glasses is the perfect way to begin celebrations with your Valentine on February 14. And as Valentine’s Day is shared between just the two of you, you have a great excuse to splash out on a brilliant bottle. Taittinger Champagne is world-renowned - James Bond has a taste for it and it is served in some of the world’s swishest nightspots such as London's Café Royal, The Ledbury and Novikov. CLICK ON PHOTO FOR FULL GALLERY Despite their fame and success their wine is still produced in a romantic, small-scale way. Compared to other top houses, Taittinger