• Simon Rimmer talks Strictly Come Dancing prep and shares his summer BBQ tips

    Simon Rimmer is preparing to swap the Sunday Brunch kitchen for the Strictly dancefloor after being announced as one of the celebrity competitors for 2017. We caught up with the chef ahead of the new series to find out how he is preparing for the show, as well as getting some much-needed barbecue tips to take advantage of the last of the summer sunshine… You'll be swapping Sunday Brunch for Strictly soon, did you have to think about it much before you agreed to it? Not in the slightest, it's a great opportunity and everyone who's taken part in the previous

  • Princess Diana's chef opens up about her battle with bulimia: 'I knew something wasn't right'

    Princess Diana's former head chef Darren McGrady has opened up about the royal's battle with bulimia, saying he suspected "something wasn't right". In an exclusive interview with HELLO! Online, Darren revealed that he used to question the Princess' eating habits, but he thought it wasn't his place to say anything. He recalled one summer when Prince Charles and Diana visited the Queen at Balmoral. Darren received a call from the car, from Diana who was on the phone asking him to prepare "certain foods" so that it could be ready for when they arrived. "I have never talked about the

  • Revealed: the foods most likely to go off before use - and how you can avoid it

    Seven in 10 British households admit to throwing away food before they’ve had a chance to cook it, as many as four times a month. And a tenth of families dispose of up to 10 items each month that have gone off before being used. Combined with cooking too much per meal, this leads to 2.23 kilograms of food being thrown out monthly that could have been saved. A poll of 2,000 adults revealed that rather than having a wasteful mentality, almost half of the country's careless cooks admit to preparing too much food at mealtimes. 47 per cent of the