• Salma Hayek opens up about her new juicing business

    Salma Hayek and her juicing business partner Eric Helms spent decades crafting ideas for their two wellness companies. The actress first met Helms, the founder of his own successful chain of Juice Generation juice shops, in the 1990s, and since their initial introduction, the friends have co-founded two health-driven firms together – juice home delivery service Cooler Cleanse and natural beauty product subscription service Blend It Yourself. "Before Eric opened his first store, we were friends," the Frida actress tells CNBC Make It. "I would go to Eric's Juice Generation stores when I was in New York and he would

  • Victoria Beckham cooks breakfast for her team – see what she made

    Victoria Beckham treated her team to a healthy breakfast while working in Boston on Thursday. The fashion designer, who is in the city to work on her new collaboration with Reebok, revealed she was cooking a nutritious meal in a video posted on Instagram Stories. "We are here in Boston and I'm trying to cook a healthy breakfast, but the problem is there's burnt egg at the bottom of the pan," Victoria said in the video, which showed her cooking scrambled eggs on a hot plate. The mum-of-four was still in her dressing gown with her hair wrapped in a