• Aldi has announced a salted caramel vodka for just £10!

    Anyone will a sweet tooth will have to pop into their nearby Aldi soon. The supermarket has released a new salted caramel vodka liqueur - and it costs just £9.99! The tipple has certainly proved popular with shoppers, with many taking to Twitter to discuss the new addition to Aldi's shelves. One person tweeted: "So apparently Aldi are selling bottles of salted caramel vodka and I absolutely need ten bottles," while another added: "That salted caramel vodka from Aldi is [great] I highly recommend." READ: Aldi's 3 litre bottles of prosecco are available now! The vodka is just £9.99 Others were quick

  • These Aldi pans are basically identical to the popular John Lewis range

    If you have always coveted the popular Croft Collection of copper pans at John Lewis, but the prices might be a little too far out of your range, Aldi has recently introduced a substitute that are incredibly similar. The collection includes a saucepan, frying pan and stock pot, with a different range of sizes, all between the prices of £19.99 to £35.99, whereas John Lewis' range is from £24 to £130. READ: Aldi launches incredible Christmas hampers – and they start at just £19.99 The pans are similar to the same from John Lewis The Crofton collection is due to go into stores