• Victoria Beckham's daughter Harper makes her a sweet morning treat

    Victoria Beckham received a special treat from her daughter Harper on Thursday morning – a freshly-brewed coffee served alongside a handwritten note. The Spice Girls star couldn't resist sharing a sweet snap of her morning surprise on Instagram Stories, adding the caption: "Kisses from Harper." Harper had placed a mug of black coffee on their dining table with a note propped up alongside it, which read: "Dear mummy, I hope you like my cofe I made you. Lots of love best ever girl Harper." [sic]. The six-year-old added a drawing of a heart and cup of coffee to complete the

  • Royal butler reveals how the Queen drinks her tea – and settles tea or milk first debate

    The Queen's royal butler has revealed how Her Majesty likes her tea – and settled the debate over whether you should pour milk or tea first when making a brew. Grant Harrold shared an insight into the monarch's tea drinking habits in a new BBC Three comedy show Miss Holland, as he spoke about British etiquette. The decision to pour milk or tea first is said to be related to class, as opposed to the cream or jam first debate for scones, which typically differs by region. Grant said that since the 18th century, the "proper" way of brewing tea

  • Raymond Blanc's spring pea risotto recipe

    WWF's Earth Hour 2018 takes place on Saturday 24 March, with millions of people around the world set to switch off their lights to show they care about the future of the planet. To tie in with the campaign, a number of celebrity chefs have created new, sustainable recipes in a bid to encourage people to consider the ingredients and dishes they are cooking. Among them is Raymond Blanc OBE, who shared his recipe for this delicious spring pea risotto, which is taken from his latest book, Kew on a Plate. See the full recipe below: Serves 4 –6 Preparation time: 10