• The one thing you're doing with your avocados that's making them unhealthy

    Our obsession with avocado shows no bounds; whether it's slathered on toast or mashed into guacamole, our attitude is generally the more the better. However, too much of a good thing could actually be bad for us, according to a registered dietician. Although they're packed with healthy fats, fibre and protein, that doesn't mean we can eat as many avocados as we like. In fact, the proper serving should actually just be around one quarter of an avocado, rather than the half or even entire avocado many of us could easily consume in one sitting. As Michelle Alley, a nutritionist

  • Heinz soup is getting a very special makeover – and you're going to love it!

    One of our kitchen staples has been given a high fashion makeover for spring – and it looks almost too good to eat! To celebrate its 25th birthday, British fashion brand Cath Kidston has joined forces with Heinz to give its tinned soup a new look for spring, and you're definitely going to want these on display in your kitchen. The collaboration combines three of the most popular Heinz soups with some of Cath Kidston's most iconic prints, and marks the first time ever that the soup cans have been the subject of a design takeover. In fact, the cans

  • Waitrose is changing its free hot drinks perk – this is how you can still be eligible

    One of the major perks of being a Waitrose loyalty card holder is going to change this autumn, it has been announced. The supermarket plans to remove all disposable coffee cups from its stores over the coming months as part of a plan to reduce packaging and plastic waste, meaning members of the myWaitrose scheme will only be able to collect their complimentary tea or coffee if they bring a reusable cup. Waitrose plans to trial the initiative in nine stores from 30 April, before rolling it out nationwide later this year. The first nine stores to see disposable cups

  • Pink KitKats are coming to the UK and we can’t contain our excitement

    Brace yourselves – pink KitKats are officially coming to the UK, and they look deelish. The gorgeously girlie bars are already on sale in Japan and Korea, where they're known as Kit Kat Chocolatory Sublime Rub, and are made from special 'Ruby' chocolate. This rosy-hued variety of our favourite sweet treat gets its colour and subtle berry taste from the Ruby cocoa bean, rather than any artificial colouring or flavouring. Nestle has announced they are now launching in Europe and the US, and will be on sale in the UK this month. The bars get their hue from ruby cocoa beans Ruby