• Eat THESE foods before bed & you'll remember your dreams in the morning

    Dreams are funny things: some people remember their dreams all the time and can recount just about every detail, while others can't recall a thing from their sleepy adventures. That could change, however, thanks to new research into the effect of vitamin B6 on our dream recollection. A study published in the Journal of Perceptual and Motor Skills has discovered that eating foods rich in the vitamin before bedtime can help you remember your dreams the next day. These foods include poultry, fish, bread, wholegrain cereals, eggs, peanuts, milk and vegetables, amongst others. Dr Denholm Aspy of the University of

  • A Harry Potter-themed afternoon tea is FINALLY coming to London

    Tea. Coffee. Cakes. Spells. Yes, you read that last bit correctly, and no, we’re not describing your wildest dreams. There is now an interactive magical-themed afternoon tea where you can brew “potions” and nibble on food worthy of Hogwarts feast… and it’s so good that you may just forget that you’re a muggle. At Cutter & Squidge in Soho, London, guests can don a robe, grab a wand, and create colourful bubbling cocktails, all set in a secret Potions classroom. The potions-themed afternoon tea is ideal for devoted Potter fans The Potion Room is in the basement of the bakery, but