• Wimbledon fans rejoice: there is now a strawberries and cream BAILEYS

    Baileys may be the sort of drink you reach for during the colder seasons, as snuggling up with a blanket and a Baileys hot chocolate kind of makes us pine for the winter months. Only a little, mind you. However, the creamy liqueur has now brought out a flavour that is simply made for sunny days - their brand new ‘Strawberries and Cream’ variation. Does anything else sound quite so perfect for the quintessential British summertime? We are hoping it tastes basically like alcoholic strawberry ice cream, which is the treat we never knew we wanted, until now. It's a

  • Prince Charles reignites scone debate - jam or cream first?

    Prince Charles reignited the age-old debate of how to serve cream tea - with jam or cream first - during a visit to Cornwall on Thursday. The Prince of Wales spotted a culinary faux pas during a visit to the Royal Cornwall Show, noticing a young boy eating a scone topped with cream first and then jam, which is how people in neighbouring Devon serve theirs. In Cornwall people traditionally spread jam first topped with cream. "Have you got that the right way round?" Charles quipped as he passed the boy. Not only was Charles following Cornish tradition, but also