• Victoria Beckham reveals her go-to sweet breakfast treat

    Victoria Beckham has revealed her favourite way to sweeten her morning coffee and breakfast without breaking her healthy diet. The fashion designer is a fan of liquid Stevia drops, which are sugar-free and calorie-free, yet will add a sweet flavour to her favourite foods. The mum-of-four shared a photo of two chocolate and caramel flavour sweeteners next to her coffee on Monday morning, telling fans: "I am totally into these 'sweet drops'. Anyone know where I can get them in London??" Victoria Beckham adds liquid stevia to her breakfast and coffee The sweeteners in question are SweetLeaf Sweet Drops Liquid Stevia, which

  • Who needs Terry when you've got chocolate orange gin?

    We know we shouldn’t love Terry’s chocolate orange quite as much as we do, but there’s something about that tangy chocolate that reminds us a little bit of Christmas, a little bit of our childhood, and a little bit of Dawn French that makes it totally irresistible. However, now we’ve grown up a little (in body, not mind), we feel like we should opt for slightly more adult treats than our kiddy favourites. But fear not, if you’re wanting to treat yourself to a nostalgic favourite but still make it Saturday-night appropriate, then this chocolate orange gin could be