• What Kate Middleton eats in a day – her healthy but adventurous diet

    The Duchess of Cambridge is known for her slender figure, and has quickly snapped back into shape after the births of all three children – Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis. But just what does Kate eat on a daily basis to maintain her slim figure? And what are her favourite indulgences? We've rounded up some of Kate's favourite dishes – including some adventurous international cuisine such as spicy curries and fresh sushi… Kate is a big fan of sushi: Prince William revealed he and Kate were big sushi fans during a visit to Japan House London, where he met

  • Princess Marie-Chantal's 50th birthday cake will make you instantly hungry

    Princess Marie-Chantal of Greece's family pulled out all the stops for her 50th birthday celebrations on Monday. The Crown Princess had a joint celebration with her son, Prince Odysseas Kimon, with whom she shares her birthday – and their cakes were amazing! Marie-Chantal was treated to a decadent chocolate cake for her milestone day, topped with chocolate ganache icing and gold sparklers with the number 50. But the cake looked even better once she had taken a slice, as it was filled with an array of bright pink and white sprinkles and sweets. Marie-Chantal was treated to a decadent chocolate cake A

  • Watch Gordon Ramsay embarrass daughter Tilly in amusing This Morning clip

    He may be a celebrity chef with Michelin stars and a number of hit TV shows to his name, but to his family Gordon Ramsay can still be just like any other embarrassing dad. The Hell's Kitchen star succeeded in embarrassing his daughter Tilly by showing off his dance moves in a video filmed for their This Morning cooking segment, Big Chef Little Chef, shared on Tuesday. The father-daughter duo, who share a passion for cooking, were speaking about the importance of learning to cook at school, with Tilly agreeing that teenagers should be taught the basics. "I think all