• The Queen's favourite dish has been revealed - and it's very exotic

    A lot has been said about the Queen's favourite food, and the ingredients she has reportedly banned from the palace. But now, royal chef Mark Flanagan has opened up about a recent favourite dish of hers, and it is very exotic. It seems the monarch, 92, has acquired a liking to a popular vegetable soup from the Caribbean – callaloo. Mark, who has been working at Buckingham Palace since 2002, spoke about the Queen's new favourite dish in Queen of the World, an ITV documentary which airs on Tuesday. After the kitchens were briefly transformed into a centre of Caribbean

  • Prue Leith shares her genius tip for leftovers - and it's a game changer

    If you have a freezer full of indiscernible leftovers that you intended to eat again at a later date, you may want to follow Prue Leith's advice from now on. The Great British Bake Off judge has shared her expert tips on how to store leftovers, and as well as saving waste, it will save space in your freezer too. In short, it's a game changer! Speaking to Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield on This Morning, Prue demonstrated how to freeze soft foods like mashed potato flat in a sandwich bag that has been clearly labelled. The food writer explained

  • Strawberry Pimm's showstopper cake recipe

    A light, fruit-laden sponge soaked in Pimm’s syrup and coated in white chocolate ganache, this deliciously tempting cake is best made the day before to allow all the fruit flavours to soak into the sponge. Yum. Here's how to make one for yourself: Serves 10-12 Preparation time 35-45 minutes Cooking time 40-45 minutes Ingredients: For the sponge • 6 medium eggs • 180g golden caster sugar • 4 tbsp light olive oil • 180g plain flour For the Pimm’s syrup • 100ml Pimm's • 300ml lemonade • 3 tbsp Bonne Maman Strawberry Conserve or Strawberry & Wild Strawberry Conserve For the white chocolate cream • 100g white chocolate, roughly chopped for melting • 300ml

  • Lisa Riley reveals the healthy sweet treat that helps to maintain her weight loss

    Lisa Riley has revealed her "guilt-free" healthy treat that she makes to satisfy her sweet cravings. The Loose Women star, who has shed 12 stone in the past couple of years, shared the recipe for her Banana Oat Wedges in an Instagram on Monday. "SERIOUSLY HEALTHY!!!! Made in only 25 minutes. I love my Banana Oat Wedges... perfect for before or after your gym session. And RIDICULOUSLY EASY... only 62 calories per wedge," Lisa told fans, before detailing how to make them. Lisa Riley shared her recipe for banana oat wedges "Get three bananas, chop them up, place them into your NutriBullet,