• Lucila Sola, 33, supports boyfriend Al Pacino, 72, at his latest premiere

    Al Pacino and Lucila Sola (born Lucila Polak), his girlfriend of nearly two years, stepped out together at the premiere of Al's new film Phil Spector. The Godfather actor, 72 and Lucila, 33 smiled and laughed from the red carpet as Al prepared to debut his controversial new acting venture. The Argentinian actress wore a white lace dress and silver heels as she accompanied Al in his all-black ensemble at the Time Warner Center in New York.   CLICK ON PHOTOS FOR FULL GALLERY The controversial new film, which also stars Dame Helen Mirren, tells the story of music producer Phil Spector's relationship with Linda

  • Say HELLO! to James Franco with these five facts

    James Franco is one on Hollywood's most diverse leading men. Whether weaving a web of magic over audiences in Spiderman,  playing an amputee in gritty real-life drama 127 Hours or Harvey Milk's gay lover, James has that certain star quality that keeps us coming back for more.   CLICK ON PHOTO TO ENLARGE But what about the man behind the silver screen personas? Here's five facts you should know about the Oz the Great and Powerful star. 1. James was also a bit of a tearaway in his youth. During his time at junior school, he was arrested along with some friends for shoplifting fragrances