• Angelina Jolie reveals she has had a double mastectomy

    Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie has undergone a double mastectomy to reduce her chances of getting breast cancer. In a powerful article written for the New York Times, the mother-of-six reveals she proactively opted to have the surgery because she carries a faulty gene that means she is much more likely to suffer from breast or ovarian cancer. She said her "loving and supportive partner" Brad Pitt had been by her side while she underwent three months of operations earlier this year to remove breast tissue and replace it with implants.   CLICK ON PHOTOS TO ENLARGE   In the article entitled My Medical Choice,

  • Stars arrive at Cannes Film Festival ahead of grand 'Great Gatsby' opening

    Julianne Moore and Emma Watson were among the first to arrive for the glitzy Cannes Film Festival that kicks off on Wednesday.  Directors Baz Luhrmann and Steven Spielberg, Great Gatsby star Carey Mulligan and Lana del Rey have also touched down in Nice for the prestigious event, which turns the city into Tinseltown with the elite of the film world whirling into the French Riviera.  Other celebrities expected to arrive shortly are Rihanna, Kelly Osbourne, Beyoncé, Jay-Z, Ryan Gosling, Michael Douglas and Matt Damon.   CLICK ON PHOTO FOR FULL GALLERY Oscar-nominated actress Julianne was seen arriving at the luxury Hotel Martinez on the exclusive Boulevard de la Croisette

  • Stars praise Angelina Jolie for her honesty on double mastectomy

    Angelina Jolie bravely revealed that she has undergone a double mastectomy in a move to prevent breast cancer in an article she wrote for the New York Times on Monday.  Since the breaking news a host of stars have praised the Hollywood actress's courage and honesty upon speaking out. "I have a lot of respect for Angelina Jolie. Tough decision and brave to go public with it," tweeted Dawn O'Porter, while actress Kristen Bell called her article 'admirable'. "I commend Angelina Jolie for her courage and thoughtfulness in sharing her story today regarding her mastectomy. So brave!" wrote Sheryl Crow, who has herself suffered

  • Say HELLO! to Olivia Colman with these five facts

    Olivia Colman is riding high following her success at the BAFTA TV awards. Her deserved recognition at the awards followed a year of critical acclaim for the Norfolk-born star, who has won a place in the British public's affections with her down-to-earth, open manner. In the past decade, Olivia has taken on a variety of supporting comedic roles which endeared her to millions; as Sophie in Peep Show, Alex, Tom Hollander's wife in Rev, and PA Sally in Twenty Twelve.   CLICK ON PHOTO TO ENLARGE But recently, our perception of Olivia has been turned on its head thanks to a number

  • Angelina Jolie put her family first as she underwent mastectomy

    Angelina Jolie has already revealed that her decision to have a preventative double mastectomy was motivated by her six children, and as she underwent the months of medical procedures her family remained first and foremost her priority. The Hollywood beauty and her partner Brad Pitt were determined that life should stay the same for their kids while 'Mommy' was recuperating. "Things have appeared normal. The kids have kept their schedules as usual," a source told People. "They have been in school during the day and have attended after-school activities like they always do."   CLICK ON PHOTO TO ENLARGE On Valentine's Day,

  • Monica Cruz welcomes baby daughter into the world with sister Penelope by her side

    Monica Cruz became a mum for the first time after giving birth to a baby girl in Madrid on Tuesday. The 36-year-old arrived at the hospital with her actress sister Penelope Cruz who by happy coincidence is also pregnant. Their mum and brother were also there at the Spanish capital's Ruber Hospital to support the new mother.   Her newborn daughter will be a niece to Penelope and her actor husband Javier Bardem. The couple announced their second pregnancy a month after model Monica. Their child will be a sibling to two-year-old Leo. The two Cruz sisters are famously close, and

  • Brad praises Angelina's 'absolutely heroic' decision to undergo double mastectomy

    Brad Pitt has praised his partner Angelina Jolie's decision to undergo a preventative double mastectomy as "absolutely heroic". "Having witnessed this decision firsthand, I find Angie’s choice, as well as so many others like her[s], absolutely heroic," the actor told the Evening Standard. "I thank our medical team for their care and focus." "All I want for her is to have a long and healthy life, with myself and our children," said 49-year-old Brad. "This is a happy day for our family."   The Hollywood beauty revealed her news in a moving article in the New York Times on Monday.