• Harry Potter spin-off adaptation will be a trilogy

    J.K Rowling’s Harry Potter spin-off Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them is to be made into three films. Originally released as one of Harry’s textbooks at Hogwarts School of Wizarding, the author has been persuaded by the head of Warner Bros to adapt the book into a screenplay which she reportedly did in 12 days.   JK Rowling Set over seven novels, the Harry Potter series tell the tale of a young boy named Harry who at the age of 11 discovers he is a wizard and follows his quest to overcome the dark wizard Lord Voldemort. J.K has previously said that Fantastic

  • The Voice star Ricky Wilson was prescribed pills to overcome his fear of live shows

    The Voice coach Ricky Wilson has revealed he was prescribed medication to help combat his nerves ahead of the live shows. "I went to the doctors because I was dizzy and the doctor said, 'You're a bit anxious'," said the Kaiser Chiefs frontman. "Every time I stood up I thought I was going to fall down."   Ricky has revealed he was prescribed medication to combat his nerves on The Voice In the end though, Ricky, 36, decided not to take the medication. "I was given tablets which I pretended to take – I thought they might do something weird," he admitted. Ricky credited

  • Disney's Frozen tops the animation charts

    Disney’s Oscar-winning film Frozen has topped the animation charts, overtaking Toy Story 3. The film topped the UK charts back in December on its release. Starring Idina Menzel and Kristen Bell voicing the characters, Frozen has reached $1 billion worldwide, with Disney confirming North American sales of $398.4 million and international sales of $674 million.   Idina Menzel and Kristen Bell Inspired by Hans Christian Anderson’s The Snow Queen, Frozen follows Anna, a princess who sets off to find her estranged sister, Elsa, whose ability to turn anything she touches to ice has trapped the kingdom in an eternal winter. Toy Story 3, which is