• Emma Watson plays hilarious prank on unsuspecting nanny: watch

    Actress Emma Watson is known for her dazzling roles as Belle in Disney's Beauty and the Beast and Hermione in the Harry Potter franchise, but her funniest part to date came on Friday's The Ellen Degeneres Show. Emma retweeted the video on her Twitter page this weekend. Chat show host Ellen tasked Emma to play a funny prank on an unsuspecting nanny, leaving both Ellen and the audience in hysterics. "I sent @EmmaWatson to interview a nanny with hidden cameras. P.s. She doesn’t have kids," tweeted Ellen. The hilarious debacle kicked off with the A-list actress welcoming the nanny into

  • Hugh Grant and Martine McCutcheon reunite after 14 years on Love Actually set - first look

    Love Actually fans will be thrilled to see that Hugh Grant and Martine McCutcheon have finally reunited. Taking to Twitter on Sunday, the sequel’s screenwriter Emma Freud shared a picture from the filming set - showing the Prime Minister and his love interest Natalie are still very much an item. Posing with the director Richard Curtis, the British stars looked delighted to be back as their famous characters. Alongside the snap, Emma announced: "The PM, his wife and the writer who never worked out a good camera face. #rednosedayactually." Hugh Grant and Martine McCutcheon have reunited after 14 years