• Phoebe Wallace Bridge to be the new Doctor Who?

    Rumours are rife as to who will take over from Peter Capaldi as the new Doctor in BBC's immensely popular sci-fi show, Doctor Who. While Kris Marshall, Ben Whishaw and Richard Ayoade are some of the most popular names attached to the coveted role, some fans want to see a woman take on the role for the first, and Fleabag's Phoebe Wallace Bridge hinted that she might be in the running! In an online interview, the star was asked if she was going to be the new Doctor, to which she replied: "I am not allowed to say anything about

  • Has Sophie Turner just debunked a popular theory about her character on Game of Thrones?

    WARNING! Game of Thrones spoilers below! Game of Thrones fans have long been speculating about the upcoming seventh series of the hugely popular fantasy TV show, with one of the most popular theories focusing on Sophie Turner's character, Sansa Stark. Viewers have suggested that the eldest Stark daughter might team up with her on-and-off ally Littlefinger to go up against her half-brother (ahem, cousin) Jon Snow and claim the North for herself. READ: Game of Thrones' star Raleigh Ritchie talks the show's end Sophie spoke about her character, Sansa However, in a recent interview with The Red Bulletin, Sophie opened up about her character

  • Friends: See the stars then and now

  • Did you know these top 20 Disney film facts?

    As if Disney films weren't already filled with enough fun, surprise and magic, these behind-the-scenes tidbits about the animators, the cast and the crew are just as surprising and interesting! Even if you're the biggest Disney fan, who knows all of the words to every song and can name their favourite Disney princess without even needing to think about it (we're partial to Ariel ourselves), you still may not have heard some of these sensational facts about Walt Disney and his films! Check out our list of incredible truths about our favourite animations… READ: Gorgeous Disney-inspired baby names Facts you didn't know