• Twitter reacts after Jurassic World trailer sends children to tears - watch it here!

    The brand new trailer for Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom premiered at the Super Bowl on Sunday, and people were quick to  tweet about the scary clip. Several people pointed out how it had the same effect on their children as the original series had on them when they were younger – absolutely terrifying them! The opening of the teaser trailer is similar to a horror movie, showing a dinosaur sneaking into a child's bedroom at night time, and reaching out for the bed with its claws. Speaking about the frightening moment, one person wrote: "Oh my god, @JurassicWorld took my

  • Kate Winslet surprises young mum on This Morning after saving her life

    Kate Winslet struggled to keep her emotions under control during a phone conversation on This Morning on Monday. The actress surprised young mum Gemma Nuttall, whose life she helped saved by raising an incredible $1.3 million dollars by auctioning off a dinner with herself and her Titanic co-star, Leonardo DiCaprio. Gemma had joined Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby to discuss her treatment, when they took a phone call from Kate, with Gemma thanking the Oscar winner through tears for all her help. Gemma cried as she thanked Kate Speaking about why she decided to help fundraise for Gemma, Kate sounded emotional

  • EastEnders' former Louise Mitchell actress is all grown up – and completely unrecognisable!

    Louise Mitchell has been portrayed by many actresses over the years, most recently by 20-year-old Tilly Keeper – who joined EastEnders in 2015. However, back in 2010, Phil Mitchell's daughter was played by Brittany Papple, with storylines seeing the then-younger Louise being bullied by troubled big brother Ben, before reuniting with mum Louise (Lucy Benjamin) with the help of Peggy Mitchell (Barbara Windsor). Now eight years later, Brittany is all grown up, and looks almost unrecognisable from her childhood acting days.   The 19-year-old star has replaced her brunette hair in favour of a blonde hue, and is about to