• Kate Silverton reveals specially designed shoes in Strictly rehearsals

    Kate Silverton and her dance partner Aljaz Skorjanek are having so much fun in Strictly rehearsals, judging by the photos they’ve been sharing recently. Look closely at their latest snap and you’ll see the custom shoes that the Strictly team had to get specially made for the 48-year-old newsreader’s size nine feet. Speaking at the launch day, Kate revealed: "My feet are a size 43, so I find it difficult enough getting normal shoes. The Strictly shoes only go up to a size eight so they had to have another pair made especially. I just hope I don’t fall

  • Emma Willis holds back tears as she addresses Big Brother axe

    Emma Willis has finally addressed the news that Channel 5 is cancelling Big Brother – speaking to Rylan Clark during spin-off show Big Brother's Bit On The Side. Visibly upset, she said: "This should be a positive thing because we should just [explicit] show everybody how great this programme is, and we should love it and embrace it and give it the send off it deserves. I've also been here before when it finished, so I'm like, 'Oh yeah, we buried it and then it came back to life'. It was brilliant actually, with all the changes that the production

  • These five-year-old girls watched Strictly and their reactions were adorable

    What happens when you get a group of whip-smart five-year-old girls to watch some Strictly? A new video shared by BBC Three shows fans just how adorable and hilarious their reactions are to the show. The girls share their views on the new contestants, including Lee Ryan, Kate Silverton and Dr Ranj Singh. After singing the opening credits together (da da da da da da daaa!), one girl points out that Kate, "Looks like Oscar's mum, except with shorter hair," while her friend observes that Danny John-Jules looks like her daddy, "Except with more hair." The girls collectively decide that they