• The Cry viewers shocked by huge plot twist – find out what happened

    The Cry viewers took to social media to express their shock after the popular BBC show took an unexpected turn. Throughout the series, which follows a married couple's horror after their baby disappears during a trip to Australia, the show has revealed in snippets that in the future, Joanne will be in court and accused of murder. While fans have assumed that the mother was on trial for the death of her baby, it was actually revealed in the penultimate episode that she is actually on trial for the murder of her husband, Alastair. Viewers were shocked by the twist Taking

  • Doctor Who fans have emotional reaction to the new TARDIS

    The second episode of the new series of Doctor Who premiered on Sunday night, and introduced the brand new TARDIS for the very first time. Fans took to Twitter to discuss the redesign, which is typically done every time a new actor takes on the role of the Doctor. One person wrote: "I loved how there was more focus on The Doctor's reaction to the TARDIS than the companions. I also love those little details in the design!" Another person added: "Me. Freaking. Out. At. The. Look. Of. The. New. Tardis." The Doctor rediscovered the TARDIS in the second episode The

  • TV Edit: Find out our top picks for 15 – 21 October

    Keeping up with all of the amazing TV at the moment has been nearly impossible, with an abundance of fascinating documentaries, edge-of-your-seat dramas and family entertainment coming to our screens every night of the week. So to make sure you don’t miss a second of it, we’ve compiled a handy guide of all of the best bits that telly has to offer from Monday 15 October to Sunday 21 October… Monday Peter Kay’s Comedy Shuffle – 9pm on BBC One Everybody’s favourite comedian Peter Kay is back, in a new series that takes a look back at the most memorable moments of

  • Exclusive: Katie Piper reveals the real reason she did Strictly, and how she avoided reading criticism

    Strictly Come Dancing star Katie Piper has revealed that she may not be the world's best dancer but she already feels like a winner. In an exclusive interview with HELLO! a week before her elimination from the show in October 2018, the presenter revealed: "Post my trauma and having babies, any mum will tell you that you never feel quite the same afterwards. If I'm able to make these changes and have fun along the way then in my eyes I've won." The mum-of-two added: "I took part in Strictly as I knew I still had areas in my

  • What's on streaming: Our top choices of Netflix, NOW TV and Amazon Prime for 15 – 21 October

    There are some awesome shows coming to Netflix, NOW TV and Amazon Prime this week for you to sink your teeth into! Whether you want to be scared silly for in preparation for Halloween, would like to cute film to put on with your youngsters or are obsessed with superhero shows, there's something on the list for everyone! If you're still stuck for choice, check out our top TV picks here… Netflix Haunted - 19/10 If you were after a spooky one to scare you out of your wits for Halloween, this is it! According to Netflix, Haunted gives a chilling glimpse