• Pierce Brosnan reunites with his 'stepchildren' from Mrs Doubtfire after 25 years

    The child stars of Mrs Doubtfire had the most amazing reunion with their on-screen "stepfather" Pierce Brosnan in honour of the movie's 25th anniversary. Taking to his Instagram page on Wednesday, the former James Bond actor - who played the handsome Stu Dunmeyer - shared a picture with the now grown-up kids; Lisa Jakub, 39, Matthew Lawrence, 38, and Mara Wilson, 31. "Guess who? Today, after 25 years, I gathered around a table in the company of three beautiful young people, to talk story about a film that has touched the hearts of so many," he wrote. "Sally is

  • Modern Family kills off 'significant' family member – find out who it is

    Modern Family have been teasing a 'significant' death in the Halloween episode of the new series, leading fans to speculate on who will be killed off on the show, with everyone from the family's patriarch, Jay, to the beloved family dog, Stella, being the most popular suggestions. However, it was revealed during the Halloween episode on Wednesday night that it was actually Claire and Mitch's eccentric mother, Dede Pritchett, who sadly passed away. Dede was played by Shelley Long Speaking about the decision to kill off Dede, the show's co-create Steve Levitan told Hollywood Reporter: "It occurred to us that death

  • Sandi Toksvig responds to suggestions that Rahul cheated in Bake Off semi-final

    Sandi Toksvig has responded to some viewers suggesting that Rahul cheated in the Great British Bake Off semi-final after he was spotted making finishing touches to his torta setteveli in the signature challenge after the presenters called time on the challenge. At the time, one person tweeted: "Who saw Rahul place his chocolate shards on his cake after time had run out? Unfair," while another added: "The time had finished yet Rahul was still putting decorations on top of his cake! Seriously!" Sandi defended Rahul Speaking to Digital Spy, Sandi said: "What you see is what you get [with Rahul]. He's

  • Eddie Redmayne wears leg brace on Graham Norton Show after being injured on film set – find out what happened

    Eddie Redmayne will appear on the Graham Norton Show on Friday, and attended the filming of the episode sporting a leg brace and crutches. Explaining what had happened, the Danish Girl star said: "You know how Tom Cruise did that thing to his ankle when he leapt across a tall building? Well, I was on set of a quite hard core 'stunty' thing about two people in a hot air balloon and they had this crash mat beneath the balloon in case you fell out. I walked on to the crash mat, tripped on it and fell and sprained

  • Eamonn Holmes reveals which reality TV show he'd never do

    Eamonn Holmes' TV credits include This Morning, Sky News Sunrise, GMTV, Good Morning Britain, It's Not Me, It's You and How the Other Half Lives. But there's one TV show you'll never see Eamonn take part in – Strictly Come Dancing! The newsreader has revealed he has no desire to compete in the dancing series, telling Digital Spy: "It's never ever, ever, ever going to happen." He added: "I am in awe of the people that do it and the time that they give to do it. You know when you have to think you must really want to do