• Scentsational honour: luxury perfumer Clive Christian receives OBE

    A chance stroll in the Nineties led designer Clive Christian to create the most exclusive perfume on the planet.  He came across a store owned by Crown Perfumery, a London firm founded in 1872 and granted the rights to use the image of Queen Victoria's crown.   Snapping up the company, the discerning Scotsman began producing exquisite bottles, featuring the matriarch's royal regalia.   CLICK ON PHOTO FOR FULL GALLERY The jewel in the crown was limited edition No.1 Imperial Majesty, which had been poured into diamond-enrusted crystal and carried a price tag of £115,000. And now, the man behind the world's most expensive fragrance has been awarded a place on the Queen’s New Years Honours List. Clive, said he was "tremendously proud"  to be receiving an

  • More more more! Aussie gets supersized

    As we all know, you can’t have too much of a good thing. So you’ll be delighted to know that Australian hair care brand Aussie has had a makeover – and it’s BIG. They have released a range of XXL 500ml bottles in all your favourite shampoo and conditioners. Lasting you longer than any bottle of hair product probably ever has, we LOVE this idea.   Available

  • The secret to smooth and super shiny locks?

    Frizzy, uncontrollable tresses can be a nightmare – especially if you’re not so handy with a brush and hairdryer. But we may have found the ultimate weapon in the war against hair despair. KeraStraight is a smoothing treatment that offers a same day, formaldehyde free way to trade in curly, frizzy locks for a groomed, glossy finish.   Designed to simultaneously repair and straighten, this three hour treatment will leave your hair smooth and super shiny for up to four months. Available at over 600 salons nationwide including Trevor Sorvie, Sanrizz, Headmasters, Brooks & Brooks and Ken Picton. Prices start from £150