• Bitter Sweet: are you a sugar addict?

    We all need energy, but eating too much of the sweet stuff could cause a catalogue of health problems in the future. A team led by Robert Lustig – a childhood obesity expert at the University of California, San Francisco – published an opinion piece titled The Toxic Truth About Sugar in the journal Nature recently, warning that eating too much sugar is not only a major cause of obesity, but can also contribute to high blood pressure, liver damage and hormonal imbalance. The problem is not that sugar is truly toxic – it is that we are all

  • From bedroom to boudoir: Ipswich residents spice up their sex lives

    A unique social experiment is underway to see if the simple act of decorating can transform bedrooms into boudoirs and stimulate the UK's most sexually inactive town into more amorous action. Dulux is offering residents of Ipswich – the town that officially has the least amount of sex in a year – hundreds of litres of free red paint to see if a transformed room can spruce up a couple's love life. The 'Home Improvement by Dulux' experiment follows research of 2,000 UK residents revealing the average British adult has sex 42 times a year, with people in Ipswich

  • Lip butters: Introducing your new make-up bag essential

    Hydrating, high shine and with plenty of colour, it’s no wonder lip butters are the beauty buzzwords of the moment. And HELLO! Online’s beauty team have had the pleasure of trying out Revlon’s version of the coveted new make-up bag essential. Available in 14 mouth-watering shades, the ColourBurst palette ranges from sheer hues to strong colour pops and vivid washes of high sheen.   The hydrating effects are incredible – the buttery balm leaves your lips baby soft and creates a silky smooth finish. And with names like Macaroon, Peach Parfait and Strawberry Shortcake, they couldn’t be more irresistible. Revlon