• Ear piercing joins menu of services in Richard Ward's beauty mecca

    If you are looking for a guaranteed safe place to get your or your children's ears pierced, we have somewhere rather glamorous in mind.   The ultimate Chelsea beauty mecca and celeb hotspot that is royal hairdresser Richard Ward's Metrospa has now expanded its services to include ear piercing.   And it is being carried out through the safest method in the world. Entitled the Inverness System 2000, it encompasses major and significant enhancements in ear piercing technology and guarantees safety.  It joins a menu of services including facials, laser hair removal, sunless tanning and a whole host of beauty treatments. To book an appointment at the

  • Yoga vs Pilates: Which one is for you?

    Everyone is talking about Yoga and Pilates these days, or practising one of the techniques. But what are the differences? Here is a guide to help you choose which one is right for you: The word ‘yoga’ comes from Sanskrit and means ‘union'. It utilizes a series of Indian disciplines and its objective is to drive us towards self-awareness by eliminating possible physical or mental distractions. Yoga provides new states of consciousness which lead to greater knowledge of oneself, giving life a newer, more harmonic perspective. It aims to unite the mind, the body, and the spirit.   Yoga fans include Miranda