• Madonna's first fragrance: 15 years in the making

    There's no stopping Madonna. Just a month-and-a-half before her tour kicks off, the star has launched her new fragrance, Truth Or Dare, in New York. The Queen of Pop - who unveiled the scent at Macy's - said she had "been trying to develop a fragrance for probably the last 15 years".   CLICK ON PHOTO FOR FULL GALLERY "It's never worked out with various companies and different people and trying different fragrances," she said. "They never turned out the way I wanted them to smell." But Madonna said that was partially due to her expensive taste. "It's the mass producing part that always gets tricky, because for

  • Do you really need a sports bra?

    Simply put…YES! We need to take care when exercising; warm up, cool down, and wear the appropriate clothing – including a sports bra. The breast is made up of fatty tissue, not muscle. Because of this, once it is damaged or stretched, exercise cannot help the breast to regain its original firmness and condition. Therefore to help prevent damage to the breast tissue wearing a supporting sports bra is strongly advised.   CLICK IMAGE FOR FULL GALLERY Sports scientist Dr Joanna Scurr from the University of Portsmouth, UK, discovered that a supporting sports bra prevents 'bouncing', and therefore stretching, of the sensitive