• Exclusive: get Olympic fit with Gwyneth's guru Tracy Anderson

    Tracy Anderson is the celebrity trainer whose challenging regime is responsible for Gwyneth Paltrow's sylph-like red carpet silhouette. Having got into shape for Iron Man 2, the Hollywood beauty credited Tracy's pilates style workouts with allowing her to "do ridiculous things like be a 37-year-old mother of two and wear shorts".     With summer and the Olympics on the horizon, there's never been more incentive or inspiration to get into the shape of your life just as Gwyneth did. Using the games as inspiration, Tracy has devised these simple tips so you too can achieve the mind and body of a winner. Ready... Getting motivated is the first

  • Get Liv Tyler's natural golden glow

    Liv Tyler knows it, and so does most of Hollywood. The bronze age is over; this summer is all about a natural, golden glow. Gone is the flat, matt brown bronzer of old, replaced by the prettiest transparent, soft-sheen gold make-up for skin, cheeks and lips. "This look is totally new," explains Givenchy’s Nicolas Degennes, the make-up artist responsible for Liv’s glorious glow. "It’s made possible by new formulations that are a mix between a fluid foundation and a pressed powder."   This modern gel-powder texture gives a soft sheen of colour that is easy to blend and should be applied,