• The Duchess, Holly and Kate are most 'inspirational beauties'

    Natural beauties Holly Willoughby and Kate Winslet were in the top three of women’s most ‘inspirational beauties’, according to The Dove Body Confidence Census 2012.  The gorgeous blondes were beaten only by the nation’s sweetheart, the Duchess of Cambridge. Recent research shows that one in four UK women (27%) admit the biggest pressure to be beautiful actually comes from themselves. According to the survey, digitally manipulated images were the least effective method of encouraging the purchase of a beauty product.    A new nationwide billboard campaign this month introduces ‘Alexis’, a British born 'real woman', scouted for her positivity and body confidence.  The campaign comes as just

  • Nail brand OPI get a Minnie Mouse makeover

    Nail brand OPI have announced a collaboration with our favourite Disney diva, Minnie Mouse. They are set to launch four new nail polishes featuring lots of girlie pinks and glitter. Entitled Nothing Mousie 'Bout It, If You Moust, You Moust, I'm All Ears and The Colour of Minnie, which is her trademark red, these are the cutest varnishes around.   The collection will launch in June at £11 each. Read more on