• Clean skin: Caring for your epidermis

    It is often said that too much of something is just as bad as too little. And with skincare, it is no different. We aren’t saying that good hygiene is bad and that you shouldn’t use soap and water at all. But the surprising truth is that it is better for your skin to skip a washing occasionally than scrubbing relentlessly with all your might to clean it, most of all when you have a delicate epidermis.   One of the skin’s main functions is to protect the body against rough, external elements, and to do that it needs the external shield

  • 'My Beauty Gems': Olivia Palermo reveals her top products

    She never looks short of perfect. So we were delighted when Olivia Palermo decided to share her must have beauty products with the world. Revealing all in a post entitled 'My Beauty Gems' on her website, the socialite explained: "When it comes to my beauty products, I absolutely rely on ones that stand through more flight hours logged than I can count, from country to country and climate to climate".   So what passes the test? Her flawless skin is down to Burberry’s Luminous Fluid Foundation and Japanese skincare SK-II Skin Signature Cream and Facial Treatment Mask. And Elnett Hairspray