• Stretch towards a better posture

    Think about how you wake up every morning. Together with the well-known yawns – not to mention the sleepy, usually unattractive morning face – that moment when you stretch out and your body starts to activate follows soon after. The fact is that few movements are so second nature to humans as stretching out while waking up. It is a basic and instinctive reaction to the stiffness that the muscles undergo during sleep.   Herein lies the principle of stretching classes, a discipline in ever increasing demand at British gyms owing to the necessity to correct day-to-day postural habits. Step

  • Caroline Flack to run 'Mascarathon' for Refuge

    Get set to see celebs including Caroline Flack, Donna Air and Zoe Salom carry a giant mascara wand down through the UK. Cosmetics brand Benefit has organised a charity run from Scotland to London to raise awareness and money for Refuge – a domestic violence charity for women and children. The 'Mascarathon' relay, which will take place from June 15-29, will start at Edinburgh and stop off at Newcastle, Birmingham, Cardiff and Oxford. It will end in Spitalfields, London.   TV presenter Caroline is fronting the campaign and will kick off the proceedings by running the first two miles from