• Muffin tops and belly bulges: Say goodbye to negative advertising

    Are you fed up of ads about muffin tops and belly bulges? We are constantly exposed to negative advertising that can prey on our insecurities and impact our self-esteem.  Which may be why a recent study showed that only 4% of women around the world consider themselves beautiful.        Now, Dove is attempting to turn negative ads into positive beauty messaging, passing the power of advertising to women and hoping to reach 6 million females.  Aimed at tackling the culture of negative advertising, the campaign is empowering women to send positive messages to others using a Facebook application.  A recent study that 80% of women agree

  • Sun damage: Caring for your back in the sun

    In the sunshine, we spend a lot of time slathering factor 50 onto our faces to avoid sunburn and wrinkles. But a lot of people can end up ignoring their back, an important place to consider, seeing as it is rarely exposed during the winter months. With that in mind, we need to take care of this area before, during and after the summer season.   HELLO! Online has compiled the following recommendations. Before summer Take advantage of these transition days for a thorough skin cleaning, with the use of peelings or soft abrasives to eliminate the greatest amount of dead cells