• Helping children celebrate The Diamond Jubilee - a gift guide

    This week, Britons will come together to officially celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. Whether gathering the family to watch the royal procession, or teaming up with neighbours to host a street party, the great British public will unite to commemorate her Majesty’s 60th year on the throne. And at the centre of all the excitement will be the children as they get caught up in the fun of the festivities. So why not make sure yours are celebrating in style? On such a momentous occasion, there are a number of ways to get youngsters involved in the Jubilee – and provide

  • The flag waving workout: Burn calories the patriotic way

    In this most patriotic of British summers, there are plenty of reasons to wave the Union Jack about. There is the Diamond Jubilee, the Olympics, the Euro 2012 and the Torch relay – and now we can add bingo-wing-busting benefits to the list. The first-ever scientific research into the fitness benefits of Union Jack-waving has been carried out by leading online retailer Littlewoods.com and the results are pretty impressive!   After extensive testing on six adults in strict lab conditions it can be revealed that one hour of flag-waving activity will burn off 137 calories – the equivalent to a serving