• Five steps towards a flat stomach this summer

    Now that we're in the summer months, lots of us are thinking about getting into a bikini and hitting the beach. As we know, yo-yo dieting is only a short-term fix, and the chances are you'll gain all the pounds you lost, plus a few more on top. But don't worry, all is not lost. A flat stomach is still within reach for when you jet off on holiday.   Petronella Ravenshear, advisor to many a celebrity, has five top tips for a bloat-free bikini belly on the beach this summer. 1. Avoid fizzy drinks 2. Don't mix carbs (bread, potato, rice) with protein

  • Eye spy: Secrets to make the windows to your soul sparkle

    For years, bright, sparkling eyes have been the ultimate beauty prize. So many myths surround the crusade for perfect peepers that women find themselves seduced by endless products, myths and marketing. Hello! Online went back to basics to find realistic, effective and creative solutions to make the windows to your soul sparkle.     Professional View Lesley Reynolds Khan is the Co-Founder of Harley Street Clinic and the author of Look Younger For Longer. Her advice goes against everything you will have heard before. "There is no miracle cream that will take away dark circles, or wrinkles," she says. "These are

  • Starting solids: how to ensure fuss free mealtimes

    The transition to solid foods marks an important milestone for both you and your baby. Official guidelines suggest that weaning starts at around six months old – any younger and your baby's digestive system might not cope with new food proteins, any older and they may miss out on vital iron supplies.     But how will you know when your baby is ready? There are three clear signs to look out for which, together, show your little one is good to go. 1. They can stay in a sitting position and hold the head steady. 2. They can coordinate their hands, eyes and mouth and