• London 2012's finest physiques in action

    First and foremost we admire them for their sporting prowess and devotion to their discipline. During London 2012 they've demonstrated world-class sporting excellence and kept crowds on the edges of their seats as nail-biting races and matches have unfolded.    CLICK ON PHOTO FOR FULL GALLERY But no-one could fail to notice that they have the most impressive bodies to boot too.  From incredibly defined abs to the most taut of thighs, the Games is the hottest event worldwide, and not just because of the medals being won.  Although for the rest of us this might be an unrealistic body goal, thankfully we can admire their fine figures in action for a

  • Silver foxes who are sexier than ever

    Although once cause for alarm, grey hair is now considered to be quite alluring in a sophisticated, older man. Just take a look at stars like George Clooney, who became only more irresistible when he started going grey in his thirties, or Matt LeBlanc, who began to show off his distinguished silver strands a few years back. Not to mention heartthrob Richard Gere and his standout white locks.   CLICK ON PHOTO FOR FULL GALLERY The scientific explanation for those peppery streaks is a process called depigmentation. As we age, the hair follicles gradually stop producing melanin. Without it, the individual strands lose their colour,