• Picture perfect: Does Photoshop promote unrealistic ideals?

    In today's society we are constantly exposed to images via the media and advertising – it is estimated that the average city dweller sees over 5,000 per day. One particular piece of software, Adobe Photoshop, has the power to significantly alter such images. And as a result, celebrities are often portrayed as significantly enhanced versions of their true appearance.   CLICK ON PHOTO FOR FULL GALLERY   Some celebs have taken a stand against the message that is sent with retouching images. British beauty Kate Winslet famously spoke out after she modelled for men's magazine GQ. The actress, famed for her curves, claimed that in the published

  • Miley Cyrus stuns fans with super-short pixie cut

    Fans thought she might have been teasing when she posted a picture of scissors being held up to her blonde bun, writing: "It’s happening". But just a few hours later, Miley Cyrus stunned her followers when she uploaded a second photo that showed off a drastic new look.   CLICK ON PHOTO FOR FULL GALLERY OF MILEY'S HAIR STYLES THROUGHOUT THE YEARS The former Hannah Montana star had chopped off her long, medium brown locks in favour of a platinum blonde pixie style, shaved on one side of her head. The 19-year-old, who recently revealed her engagement to Liam Hemsowrth, was

  • Hypnogogo! Motivate yourself to get fit

    The UK has been swept up in Olympic fever for the past fortnight, leaving many of us eager to get out there and get fit. But now it's all over, some people may be lacking the motivation to exercise that we had while watching the world's finest athletes perform every day. Luckily, London-based hypnotherapist Claire Benson has forseen this problem – and has created a brand new Hypnogogo recording exclusively for readers of HELLO! Online, to help motivate us to make exercise part of our routines.   "The idea for this recording has been bubbling inside me for a long

  • Always Infinity revolutionises sanitary towels

    Many of us avoid wearing sanitary towels due to their heavy, clumsy nature. But Always have launched a revolutionary new product that promises to change these views – Always Infinity. New to the UK, these innovative pads are from liquid, creating a unique foam core that absorbs up to ten times its own weight in liquid.   What's more, it moulds to your body, in a similar way to memory foam, so you barely feel it. It pings back to its original shape without bunching. "We believe that women should be able to live their everyday lives worry free, even during their periods,” explains

  • Jax Coco water takes showbiz world by storm

    There's a new drink making waves in the celebrity stratosphere – Jax Coco coconut water. Elton John is a co-owner, Stella McCartney's husband Alasdhair Willis designed the chic glass bottle packaging and Elizabeth Hurley and Sophie Ellis Bextor can't stop tweeting about it.   It's no wonder they're fans – sourced directly from the Philippines, it is a 100% pure product packed full of health beneficial ingredients, including magnesium, sodium, phosphorous, potassium and calcium. It also contains Lauric acid, which supports the immune system and to tops things off, it is naturally low in calories, coming in at just 36 calories per 200ml

  • Lifestyle brand Erb lands in the UK

    There's a new, exotic skincare brand in town – Erb. Inspired by Siamese court culture dating back more than a century, Erb combines past and present in a must-have range of luxury beauty products, delivering a bounty of benefits. Containing the finest natural and certified organic ingredients and traditional remedies, the brands distinctive signature blends pampering, indulging, soothing and stimulating skin, body and hair, whilst simultaneously delivering exceptional benefits and a delightful sensorial experience.   Renowned in the Far East for their unique herbology blends, Erb expertly fuses rare and exotic Thai herbs together, to create an aromatic and synergetic blend in every