• Beauty tips: How to care for sensitive skin

    Sensitive skin is very delicate and often aggravated by certain factors. To keep your face glowing and radiant, be sure to check out our five tips for giving your skin a little TLC. 1. Try to avoid exposure to things that irritate sensitive skin, such as sudden changes in temperature, certain foods, and harsh cosmetic treatments. 2. Only use hypoallergenic and perfume-free products. 3. Be a minimalist: the fewer products you use, the better. If possible, the ones you use should contain just a few ingredients. 4. Beware of excessive hygiene. Don't wash more than twice a day with

  • Myths about moisturising

    All skin types suffer from dehydration, but the symptoms may vary. With dry skin, you might notice some tightness and light, uneven scaling around the cheekbones. With oily skin, you'll spot noticeable flaking concentrated around your nose and the furrow of your brow. Moisturising is without a doubt your best ally for nourishing your complexion, keeping it fresh and flawless.     There are many misconceptions about maintaining a proper beauty regime. To help guide you through choosing your very own personal routine, we have set about investigating and debunking some of the most common myths about moisturising. Only dry skin