• From dull to dazzling without the cost: How to brighten your smile at home

    Everybody wants a set of pearly whites. And some pay a small fortune at the dentist in their quest for a whiter, brighter smile. But for those of us who just don't have the budget, here are some natural, cost-effective ways to take your teeth from dull to dazzling.     Feel the crunch Foods high in cellulose – the strong starchlike compound found in celery, carrots, and apples – act as natural abrasives, cleansing teeth and removing surface stains naturally. And greens such as spinach, broccoli, and lettuce contain mineral compounds that form a film over the teeth, so pigments

  • Super natural beauty: Kirsten Dunst talks taking care of her body with HELLO!

    Award-winning actress Kirsten Dunst is a low-maintenance movie star – but one who loves to dress up and look her best.  HELLO!'s beauty editor Nadine Baggott asked her to reveal the health and beauty secrets that keep her looking leading-lady lovely…       Kirsten, you have great skin. What's your secret? "First, I stay out of the sun. I like how it looks when someone is tanned, but it doesn't work with my skin, it’s too sensitive. And I do like natural products. I use Dr Hauschka and when I was in London I tried Eve Lom, which I really like." As an advocate of

  • Girl Power! The new leading ladies of children's cinema

    We all remember Disney classics from our childhood with fondness.  But where the plot once revolved around a gallant male coming to the rescue of a damsel in distress, girls are now triumphantly raising their bow and arrows, waving that magic wand or wielding a sword. And now a feisty redhead stars in Disney's newest release Brave. The Pixar collaboration premieres this summer and tells the story of Merida, a Scottish princess who decides to compete against the kingdom's rivalling first-born sons for her own hand in marriage, in the hope of avoiding tying the knot. CLICK ON PHOTO FOR FULL GALLERY A

  • Help curb your appetite with Skinny Sprinkles

    No thanks to festive-overindulgence, the HELLO! Online girls are all on a big, fat diet. But we've discovered a little something that's helped perk us up during our starvation – Skinny Sprinkles. A food supplement that helps to curb attention and cut cravings, it's a very helpful diet aid.   And the science behind it? It contains glucomannan, a dietary fibre scientifically-proven to aid weight reduction by delayed the absorption of glocuse by the stomach and thus slowing the digestive process. It absorbs up to 200 times its weight in water – swelling when it mixes with water in your