• Create sweet dreams in your baby's bedroom

    It's every mum's dream to have her child sleep through the night. Although it won't happen when your baby is very young, it hopefully will sooner rather than later. Here are some tricks to help you and your baby have sweet dreams all night long. The right bed A cot will probably be your baby's bed until the age of two or three, so it needs to be strong, safe and comfortable. Make sure there are no broken slats or jagged edges, and if you are buying second-hand invest in a new mattress to make sure it is clean and firm.

  • Make-up must haves for the Duchess of Cambridge on tour

    Since receiving professional lessons from London-based make-up artist Arabella Preston for the royal wedding, the Duchess of Cambridge personally takes care of her beauty regime. So we're sure Kate knows exactly what essentials she'll need in her make-up bag to look as fresh and chic as ever on the 10-day tour that begins on Tuesday.  CLICK ON PHOTO FOR FULL GALLERY As with all long-haul flights she will need to keep her skin well hydrated throughout the journey to maintain a perfect base for make-up. Karin Herzog's oxygen-infused skincare items are said to be a regular in Kate's daily regime. And the Karin Herzog Oxygen cream (£36) will