• Expert advice: Protect your relationship in the digital age

    Social networks have honed our public prowess, reinventing the way we meet new people and stay in touch with old friends. Those in the market for love and romance also find themselves gazing into an endless horizon of possibilities. But social media can quite as easily break the relationships they make.   Sites such as Twitter and Facebook – which has just reached 1 billion users – are fertile breeding grounds for relationship spoilers like jealousy, flirting and rekindled contact with former partners. They can also foster detachment and replace face-to-face intimacy. As the internet continues to innovate, so should we.

  • First glimpse of mysterious Brad Pitt in iconic Chanel No. 5 ad

    It is the very first time that a man has ever fronted the iconic Chanel No. 5 perfume ad campaign. And Brad Pitt is certainly helping the feted French fashion house make their statement in style. In three seven second-long teaser clips for the upcoming commercial, we get a glimpse of the Hollywood hunk in action.   A dramatic voice-over, courtesy of Brad himself, asks, "Do you feel lucky?", "Are you going somewhere?", and "What's the mystery?". Brad's raspy, seductive tones are against a backdrop of the movie idol with his face mysteriously hidden. According to the Chanel Youtube channel, the 48-year-old will