• Tummy problems? Feel better with a ten-minute yoga routine

    A recent survey suggests that up to 10 per cent of the UK population are plagued by stomach complaints. But, whilst using over-the-counter medication can relieve symptoms, ultimately moderation and balance is the key to maintaining good digestive health. The new 'Life in Rhythmn plan', designed by fitness experts and nutritionists on behalf of Imodium, explores how the combination of the foods we eat, the mood we are in and the amount of physical activity we undertake on a daily basis can alter digestion. Designed to try and reduce the woes of a sensitive tummy and help sufferers improve the rhythm of

  • Ethical makeup: Join Lily Cole with model behaviour

    Lily Cole's model behaviour has become infectious this year after the launch of her cruelty-free range of make-up for The Body Shop. Now more women than ever are becoming concerned over the ethical quality of their beauty products.   The British supermodel and actress told the Telegraph that her main concern is "when you buy something you are not knowingly or unknowingly causing someone else's suffering in the world". But, of course, many of these ingredients can impact the people using them too. Sustainable living isn't just about recycling, or buying organic foods. What you put on your skin can affect your body just as much as what