• Beat the winter blues

    As the temperature drops and the dark nights creep in, many of us get the winter blues and in some more extreme cases, may even be affected by SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder). SAD is caused by a biochemical imbalance in a portion of the brain called the hypothalamus due to the lack of sunlight in the winter months and shorter daylight hours. During this time we can often experience a dip in mood but may also suffer with symptoms including sleep problems, over eating, anxiety, mood changes, lethargy, loss of concentration and libido. But there are ways to beat

  • What's in a name? An alternative way to welcome your child

    From christenings and baptisms, to Namakarma Sanskars and Brit Milahs, the arrival of a new baby is a cause for celebration all around the world. But now more and more people are looking for non-religious ways to commemorate the birth of a child - and top of the list is a naming ceremony. What is a naming ceremony? A baby naming ceremony is a purely celebratory affair with no legal bearing. An increasingly popular alternative to the more traditional services, it doesn't follow any religious rules and focuses on the relationship between the child and the parents, rather than welcoming that

  • Be inspired by tradition with Downton Abbey's Elizabethan beauty look

    When Mrs Patmore, Downton Abbey's trusty and traditional cook exclaims "Is that rouge on your cheeks Missy", she is promptly reminded that, for women, times are changing. Not only has the turn-of-the-century drama brought us the trials and tribulations of an upstairs-downstairs household and the horror of the First World War, but the dressing rooms of Downton Abbey have also played host to the history of a cosmetic revolution.  CLICK ON PHOTOS FOR FULL GALLERY As the third series of ITV's English costume drama marked the beginning of the 1920's, flapper-style dresses came on the show in full force with glistening headbands and