• 5 secrets to younger-looking skin

    With age comes wisdom - but unfortunately so do wrinkles. Year after year anti-ageing remains a hot beauty topic as men and women do battle with mother nature. But we have five top anti-ageing tips to share, thanks to Dr Darren McKeown, a skincare expert and cosmetic dermatologist who has created his own eponymous skincare range available at Superdrug. Read on for his secrets to smooth supple skin…   1. Avoid excess sugar in your diet It has been a bad couple of decades for carbohydrates. First we realised that cutting back on carbs could significantly help weight control and now

  • Understanding your child's cold and flu symptoms

    It's that time of the year again when snuffles, sneezes and coughs invade schools, playgrounds and homes around the country.  In fact, due to their vulnerable immune systems, children can catch as many as seven to ten colds a year leaving many parents feeling frustrated as they attempt to ease their distress. Recurring colds in childhood is part of growing up and often happens when the body comes into contact with viruses for the first time. Even though a child may suffer from 'cold' symptoms, their body will be producing antibodies to these common infections which will stand them in

  • Duchess of Cambridge's cascading curls win 'Most Envied Hair'

    Her trademark cascading, mahogany curls have captured the world and millions of girls have attempted to recreate her iconic do. So it’s no surprise that the Duchess of Cambridge topped a 'Most Envied Hair' poll, voted as having the celebrity hair women would most like to have. Seven hundred female participants were asked to rate which star’s hair they envy the most in the survey carried out by haircare retailer Fabriah.com, and Kate triumphed with a clear margain.   Coming in second was ex-supermodel and Strictly Come Dancing 2012 star Jerry Hall, whose wavy blonde tresses are also highly desirable.