• Nail know-how: Battle the brittle with our top tips

    Tired of weak, cracked nails ruining your otherwise perfect manicure? If they break easily and show no sign of improvement, don't stress. Most of us have had this problem at some point. HELLO! Online offers top tips to help you battle the brittle. Breaking point Although there are many reasons why nails can become fragile and weak, nail files might be the main cause. When overused, they can turn your nails paper thin, splitting the surface and forming ridges.     Dehydration is another common culprit, especially if your hands come into frequent contact with water or corrosive substances. Problem solving Since

  • The secret to a stress-free birth: Natal Hypnotherapy explained

    Giving birth is the most natural and incredible thing a woman can experience, but it is also a time fraught with anxiety and stress as the mother-to-be tries to prepare physically and mentally to welcome their child. So what can you take to take some of that worry away and better cope with such a life-changing event? HELLO! Online takes a look at the practice of Natal Hypnotherapy. What is Natal Hypnotherapy? Natal Hypnotherapy is a technique which helps prepare women emotionally, physically and mentally for pregnancy and birth.  Mums-to-be learn a combination of self hypnosis techniques, deep relaxation and guided visualization to help

  • How to braid 'Golden goddess' Ella Henderson's gorgeous Greek plaits

    Since her debut performance at the X Factor auditions, Ella Henderson has stunned audiences with her fabulous voice and unique sense of style. Key to the talented young singer's look – named a 'golden goddess' by show judge Louis Walsh – is the 16-year-old's lovely blonde locks which are often styled into intricate plaits, curls and vintage-style beehives. Taking to the stage on Saturday evening, Ella looked everything that she appeared to be – youthful, relaxed and stylish. With a braided head-wreath, the teenager showed off her highlighted hair in a loose updo with carefree wisps that caught the light.   CLICK ON PHOTOS FOR FULL GALLERY X Factor stylist Jamie Stevens,