• Pretty in plum: how to pull off the vampy vibe

    Synonymous with a classic autumn/winter palette, it's hard to miss the dark shades of lipstick flooding in to match the red carpet during the winter season. The deep bordeaux and rich plum shades add instant glamour to any outift, with super-luxe, velvet textures. But as much as we are besotted with the bitten-berry look, carrying off such bold colours can be slightly daunting. There's no need to fret any longer: we've been given a lesson or two on pulling off the very best of party plum pouts by some of our favourite celebs, including Cheryl Cole, Emma Stone, Kate Bosworth, and Emma Watson.  CLICK ON PHOTOS FOR FULL

  • Is your home 'eczema-friendly'? Here's how to make sure it is...

    If your child suffers from eczema, you'll know that at this time of year, the cold weather and plummeting temperatures can exacerbate the condition. Eczema affects one in five children in the UK and in eight out of 10 cases it occurs before a child reaches five years of age. Atopic is the most common form, occurring in people who are prone to allergies, and research suggests that environmental factors play a big part. There are at least 16 hot spots in your house that can aggravate eczema which are highlighted on www.eczemaadvice.co.uk, a support programme from E45 and the