• Expert advice for sleep-deprived mums

    Remember those lazy mornings laying in bed, peacefully sipping on a cup of tea and dozing until 10 am... No? Then the chances are you're a parent! Ask most first-time mums and dads what their biggest challenge is, and the likelihood isthey will say lack of sleep. Time is no longer your own; night and day merge into one as you pace the living room every 30 minutes, irrelevant of the hour. And the thought of some space to yourself, to eat, shower or sleep, seems like a distant memory. Help is at hand! HELLO! Online has spoken to Dr

  • Kim Kardashian unveils Kate Middleton-inspired fringe

    It looks like reality TV queen Kim Kardashian has followed in the stylish footsteps of our very own Kate Middleton after revamping her hairstyle and chopping her long locks into a fringe. The 32-year-old, who doesn't tend to play around with her hair very often, is known for her long, glossy brunette locks that fall into gentle waves from a middle parting. But Kim stunned onlookers when she revealed her new 'do on Wednesday.   CLICK ON PHOTO FOR FULL GALLERY The star caused quite the frenzy as she made her way through Los Angeles International Airport, with flashbulbs blazing as