• Sh'Bam! Dance your way to a slimmer waistline

    Who said exercise has to be boring? From hip-hop to the foxtrot, dance fever has swept the nation thanks to shows like Strictly Come Dancing. And the latest word in the dance craze is Sh'Bam, a workout set to music that promises to burn up to 500 calories a session. So why not make 2013 the year you slip on your dancing shoes and shimmy your way to a slimmer waistline. HELLO! Online takes a look at the some of the most popular dance classes on offer – along with the accompanying music, theme and fitness benefits.   Sh'Bam Sh'Bam is a 45-minute dance workout

  • Let's get moving to music: Feel-good fitness for your toddler

    There is nothing like a toddler to keep you on your toes! Their boundless energy means that parents often struggle to find activities that are both stimulating and energetic. And the British weather doesn't help matters; the cold and rain prevents many of us from spending the day at local parks and outdoor areas where children can run around and let off steam. Amanda Hughes is the founder of Disco Duck which offers a pre-school dance experience that helps build self-esteem, coordination, concentration, and above all a sense of fun. She speaks to HELLO! Online about the importance of getting

  • Eat what you want and still lose weight with the 5:2 diet plan

    It's the diet that claims to let you have your cake – and eat it. And intermittent fasting isn't as scary as it sounds. Also nicknamed the 5:2 diet, the regime follows a relatively straightforward process allowing you to eat flavour-filled foods five days a week, whilst fasting on the other two. Similar to the alternate-day diet and the 80:20 diets favoured by A-listers such as supermodel Miranda Kerr, the 5:2 plan promises to be the easiest fasting regime to adapt into your regular lifestyle. Essentially, on two (non-consecutive) days, you are recommended to consume just 500 calories (600 for men). While